Since 1928, we've specialized in the processing and printing of Japanese traditional paper (washi). generally deemed to be difficult within the printing industry.
As we expanded our business further, we began offering chopstick covers to the foodservice industry, and eventually developed our original brand "Edo-cho", which became very popular within the SP industry.
Our main products are environmentally friendly, we use a lot of bamboo pulp in our base paper. We've been certified by "Non-Wood Green Products Association of Japan" recognizing our environmentally friendly products.
We invest continuously on the development of innovative products, that are ahead of the current trends. Our business motto is "Create products that no others can imitate".


we are able to print on even the most difficult types of paper, like the ones with a lot of paper dust, wrinkle-prone paper, thin paper etc.

Because of the various types of Traditional Japanese papers, even printing on same paper, needs ink viscosity and printing speed adjustment depending on season of the year.

Traditional Japanese paper is soft, making it easily prone to sustain holes and wrinkles.
We work closely with paper manufacturers to improve the quality of the paper and enhance the beauty of traditional Japanese paper.
and to maintain the quality of print, we control moisture and maintain proper humidity.

Beside offset printing, we use several printing techniques to enhance the beauty of traditional Japanese paper, like letterpress printing and foil pressing etc.

Original punching

We speciliase in original punching of chopsticks cover orifice.

we are extra careful about not leaving paper scums when punching the paper. because, many of our products are supplied to food related businesses.

Because of the nature of traditional Japanese paper, pulp fibers are long and thick, we carefully punch smaller quantities of traditional Japanese paper at once.

The demand for custom statonary exiges that many stationery products go through a secondary and tertiary process.

We strive everyday to develop products which only our company can make.

Bag manufacturing

We have developed our own original paper bags line.

We handle a wide range of products which includes Foodservice industry supplies and instruction manuals.

We are able to accept small quantity orders for bag manufacturing.


The grain in paper comes from how the fibers of the paper are arranged. The fibers are typically parallel to each other across the sheet and knowing the grain direction is important when we go to fold the sheet of paper.

If we fold against the grain, then the fibers crack and we get an uneven or rough fold and the fold won’t be as clean or flat as we might want. Going parallel to the grain reduces the cracking and we get a smooth, flat fold.

Foil pressing

Depending on the type of gilding and the required size, we may use up to four machines to obtain the perfect embossing or gold coating.

Letterpress printing

We use an antique printing machine to realize a perfect color printing.
We are able to handle printing up to 570 mm × 780 mm size.
Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Paper Trimming

There are more than 100 kinds of traditional Japanese papers.
We can trim paper to your custom request order.

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